Custom Grillz

Learn More About Our Custom Grill Options at Struggle Compound in Buffalo, NY

Want to Add a Little Edge to Your Style?

Struggle Compound in Buffalo, NY takes pride in being a one-stop shop with building your hip hop image. Your image doesn't have to stop with clothing and a haircut. You can add a little edge to your style with custom grillz.

Grillz have been one of the most iconic staples in the hip hop culture since the 1980s. They are decorative teeth covers that are made from:

Jewel encrusted metals

We have an in-house grill expert that will walk you through all of your grill options including:

Bottom grillz
Top grillz
Grillz sets
Name grillz
And more!

Give us a call at 716-931-5046 to learn more about your grill options!