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Keep your hair fresh and sharp at Struggle Compound. We provide professional haircuts for men at our barbershop in Buffalo, NY. You can count on our experienced barbers to line, trim or cut your hair to perfection. Whether you want to rock a crew cut or express yourself with a pompadour, you can bet that our barber will make you look good.

We welcome all lengths and textures. Contact us today to book your barbershop service.

Get fly at Struggle Compound

Get fly at Struggle Compound

Let a barber give you a fresh look. We offer the following haircuts for men:

Crew cuts
Cropped fringe
Blunt-cut fringe
Fade and tapers

We cater our barbershop services to kids, teenagers and adults.

Call 716-931-5046 now to schedule your appointment at our barbershop in Buffalo, NY.